Travelling To Dubai Post Pandemic : An Itinerary

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Dubai makes for the perfect holiday destination break irrespective of whether you are travelling with friends, family, or as a couple. Here’s a detailed guide to travelling in Dubai – we’ve packed it with all the useful information you are going to need to visit Dubai at the moment.

View of Dubai skyline from Dubai Creek Harbour
The most gorgeous sunset view of Dubai

Travelling to Dubai post pandemic

Of course travelling has changed post pandemic. There are many new rules in place but if you go prepared it is pretty straightforward.
Here are the rules for entering Dubai right now (correct as of 7 November 2021)

India to Dubai

  • Get RT-PCR test from a certified lab 48 hours before your flight. This costs approximately INR 1000
  • Arrive 6 hours before your flight at the airport for a rapid PCR test. You can pay for this online & save the pain of queuing at the airport. This costs INR 3900 at IGI Airport in Delhi. Costs will vary slightly depending on where you are flying from
  • Upon arrival in Dubai, you are supposed to take another walk through RT-PCR test. This is free of cost. After the test you can continue onto your hotel and wait there till you receive your results – this takes between 3-6 hours

Dubai to India

Rules for flying from Dubai to India right now:

  • You need to get 1 RT-PCR test done 72 hours before your flight. Most hotels offer in-hotel testing for approximately AED 250.
  • If you do not want to pay the premium for in-room testing, you can also get a PCR test at SEHA for AED 50. If you have rented an apartment you can also use a service called First Response in Dubai. They collect samples from home, hotel, office and it costs AED 149.
  • Upon landing in India, there is one more walk through test at the first airport of entry in India. This costs INR 500 and you do not need to wait for results (if you are exiting the airport at the destination. If you’re transiting at this airport to a domestic flight, you must wait for your test results – so factor in 5-6 hours before your connecting flight)

Where To Stay In Dubai

There is no dearth of places to stay in Dubai ranging from apartments to ultra-luxurious hotels. On this trip, we stayed at the luxurious Habtoor Palace LXR Hotel, around a 10 minute drive from Dubai Mall (and right by the Dubai canal). This hotel, true to it’s name, is truly like a palace with ornate chandeliers and beautiful bathrooms, made entirely out of marble. Rooms are well appointed & the food excellent. The only drawback was that most rooms do not have a balcony, which one would expect from such a luxurious hotel. However the staff went over and above to make guests feel comfortable, so we would recommend it.

If you’re staying for longer, travelling with kids, or you’re on a budget, we would recommend renting an apartment as we have done in the past. There are some beautiful apartments on offer – try to pick one in downtown Dubai, close to The Dubai Mall. That way you will be close to most of the main attractions and will spend less on cabs.

Girl on staircase at Habtoor Palace Hotel dubai
Gorgeous entrance to the hotel

20 Things To Do In Dubai

Now that the logistics are out of the day, here are 20 Must Dos for your first time in Dubai. We suggest covering at least some of these 20 things that suit you & the people you are travelling with

1. Dine at Souk Al Bahar for the best views of Burj Khalifa

2.The iconic fountain show overlooking Burj Khalifa is usually the first stop for most tourists. It is free of cost and a nice place to kick start your trip to Dubai

3.Dubai Mall has incredible shopping, exhibits, & restaurants. You will find a staggering variety of high street & designer stores here. There are also lots of activities for kids such as ice skating. If you enjoy art or digital art, you should also visit an immersive exhibit in The Dubai Mall called Infinity Des Lumiéres. If you are going to Dubai in 2021, we would definitely recommend fitting in a visit to this digital art space between shopping & eating at the mall. Tickets for the exhibit cost AED 125 (INR 2500) and you can buy them on the spot

4. Jumeirah Beach Walk for a great view of Dubai’s famous skyline, especially at night.

5.Bluewaters Island at sunset for great views – hop on to the newly-launched Ain Dubai observation wheel – the highest in the world- for gorgeous views of Dubai

6.Spend a day on a trip to the sand dunes. You could book a day trip, go off-roading in the dunes, or if you have some time, you could also opt for overnight camping in the desert. The night skies are really pretty & the feeling of waking up in the desert is very special.

7.La Mer beach has lots of colourful street art, cafes, & a beach. Make sure you spend an evening watching the sunset there – the place comes alive at night, so stick around for dinner

8. Splurge on a scenic meal at a restaurant overlooking Dubai’s skyline. Some of the nicest ones include The Penthouse, Atmosphere, C’est La Vie, and Level 43 Sky Lounge. Most of them need prior booking and have a dress code, so do check before leaving.

9. If you love adventure, try indoor skiing in Dubai or Sky-diving over the Palm

10. Al Seef for a unique souk experience. This marketplace is reminiscent of traditional souks. Combine it with a boat ride in an abra. If you’re craving something a little different, we suggest spending an evening walking around quaint Al Seef market taking in the views of Dubai’s historic creek, strolling through the by-lanes of the colourful textile souk, and taking a ride in an Abra, a traditional boat. Because there aren’t many tourists in this area, you can take a private boat with your friends, for as little as 50 AED ($14). Go at sunset to make the most of this experience

11.Global Village, especially when it lights up in the evening

12. For a gorgeous sunset view of the Dubai skyline, head to Dubai Creek Harbour. There isn’t much else to do here, but a walk along the water whilst admiring the gorgeous sunset is an experience in itself.

13. Lounge at a beach- many hotels have private beaches or you could visit a popular public beach such as Kite Beach

14. Alserkal venue is a hip space for art galleries, cafés etc in an industrial compound

15. Deep dive Dubai, the deepest pool in the world. It makes for an incredible adventure

16. Watch sunrise from a hot air balloon ride over the desert – if you enjoy luxurious experiences, then try a hot-air balloon ride over the desert. It is a truly special experience in Dubai. We booked a package with Platinum Heritage Hot Air Balloons after a friend recommended them and had a great experience.We paid AED 1250 per person for a spot in a large balloon of 20 people. This included transfers from the hotel, the hot-air balloon experience, and breakfast at a desert camp. In case you are celebrating a special occasion, you can also arrange a private hot-air balloon ride as a couple or family at a premium. Expect a 4a.m. wake-up call ?

17. Sample traditional karak tea at a hole-in-the-wall eatery

18. Food in Dubai deserves its own article because the city offers some incredible restaurants, no matter which cuisine you like. We have a whole list of some nice restaurants below but do try local specialities such as manakish, shawarma etc at small eateries. Some eateries that came highly recommended from our readers include Rawabi Al Sham and Duniya al shams for mouth-watering manakish and Arz Lebanon, Al Hallab, and Aroos Damascus for Arabic food.

19. No list of ours would be complete without suggesting some good cafes. There is no shortage of specialty coffee in Dubai but some nice places include Sum of Us, Climbing goat roastery, Raw coffee company, and Cocoa room, which is also perfect for a laid-back breakfast

20. Visit Expo 2020 – If you are visiting Dubai before March 2021 make sure you visit Dubai Expo 2020. Explore the country pavilions, tech innovation, and everything else it has to offer. We made a short video about it. You can watch it here.

Souk Al Bahar, for some amazing views of the Burj Khalifa
Al seef Abra ride in Dubai
An amazing evening spent in Al Seef – a sunset abra ride followed by a stroll
Loved La Mer!
waterfall feature at Dubai Expo
Uber cool water-feature at Dubai Expo
One of the many country pavillions at Dubai Expo
Girl at sunset at Dubai Creek Harbour
Amazing sunset from Dubai Creek Harbour
Camels in a desert spotted from hot air balloon
Can you spot the camels? This is a highly recommended experience in Dubai
Dubai fountain show
The super-cool exhibition at Infinity De Lumieres (Dubai Mall)
Venture into the desert for an unforgettable experience

Day Trips From Dubai

If you have a couple of extra days in Dubai, then we would highly recommend renting a car for short day trips in UAE. Here are 4 places and experiences that make for ideal day trips from Dubai are:

1. A day trip to the scenic Hatta Dam

2. Watching sunrise at Jebel Al Rais

3. Zip line at Ras-Al-Khaimah

4. Drive down to Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Dubai has some gorgeous day trips to offer if you’re travelling as a couple or with friends and family

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