Student ID Cards: The benefits of ID cards in schools, colleges and universities

Student ID Cards: The benefits of ID cards in schools, colleges and universities

Educational institutions are crowded places where students, teachers and other members of the faculty meet daily. Such a large numbers of people on-site presents a constant security challenge that requires management. ID cards serve as one such control measure to help keep schools safe and secure and inspire a sense of community amongst students and staff. This article explores the benefits of ID cards in schools, colleges, and universities…

What are the benefits of ID cards for schools, colleges and universities?

ID cards serve more than their identification purpose as they are an integral part of security in educational institutions. Due to technological advancements and people’s ingenuity, students or individuals with malicious intent may find their way into areas of a school they are not supposed to be. However, few, if any, can beat the simplicity and honesty of ID cards.

Students are the largest and most diverse group in a school. Naturally, anyone who wishes to gain unwanted or unauthorised access to the institution will play the role of a student. Their efforts may succeed if there is no need to present ID cards on the premises, but with more institutions embracing them, this is no longer an issue. Further benefits of ID cards include:

Enhanced security

One way to improve security in a crowded area is to identify those who belong and quickly separate them from those who don’t. In recent years we’ve seen many security concerns in the news such as instances of missing students, theft and even shootings. So it’s no surprise that strict security measures have been implemented in educational institutions across the globe, chief among them are better surveillance of every person within schools and more strenuous gun laws.

ID cards enhance and simplify these security measures. ID cards used in schools, colleges, and universities contain a chip that communicates with readers and an on-site access control system which defines who can access different areas on the campus. This allows you to grant access to restricted areas to limited users or groups – for example you may have staff only areas, or labs that are limited to only a small number of students. It also makes the security process quick and easy with users only having to tap their ID card against a reader to gain entry. In addition, security personnel only need to glance at an individual to tell whether they are a student, staff, or visitor, meaning anyone that’s not authorised to be on campus can be quickly identifying visually.


The increased focus on security in schools, colleges, and universities can overshadow the primary function of ID cards; identification. These cards allow students, teaching staff, support staff, and other groups to address each other appropriately. ID cards define a person’s position and allow for respectful communication among everyone in a school or on campus. Identification closely ties in with security, where it’s easy to control access in certain areas of the institution. For example, only students who are part of a research team should gain access to a lab or other sensitive locations. As such, those in charge of the lab will know who should be let in based on the student ID card details.

Distinguishing different groups

ID cards help to quickly identify who is a student, support staff, teaching staff, etc. Therefore, if a student seems lost or confused, a faculty member can immediately help them find their bearings. Staff who are unfamiliar with school environments, such as supply teachers, can quickly identify students and likewise can be recognised by fellow staff members.

Trace movement

Access control systems can also be integrated with technology that can track the movement of different individuals. For example tracking when a person using the ID card to access the main gate to the campus, classroom or controlled area. Security personnel can then accurately locate students and staff and instantly know how many people are on-site should there be an incident, such as a fire. Additionally, they can find out where each person has been in an active investigation.

Create a sense of belonging

Human beings crave connections and a sense of belonging. The design of ID cards for schools, colleges and universities could incorporate the theme and colours of the institution to reflect that identity and make everyone wearing one feel part of a larger and cohesive group. This inspires a sense of community and encourages students to connect with one another.


It is important to quickly and accurately identify everyone in schools, colleges, and universities, for safety, communication, and accountability purposes. Student ID cards and ID cards for other groups on campus have evolved to incorporate technology, thus enhancing their function from the primary personal identifier role. Get in touch today, and let us create the best and most secure ID cards for your needs.

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